Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random happenings...

I know these pictures are all of my kiddos when they are really little - but I came across them today and simply had to share the cuteness!!!! :) And it dawned on me that the picture of Camryn was taken exactly one year ago! :(

Ok! Since it has been a while since I wrote...I thought I would share some happy adorable moments of my life - the ones I will live off of when I'm an old gramma rockin' in my chair knitting a doily. Just a few weeks ago, Kylene was playing "this little piggy" on Camryn's toes and said, "This little piggy goes to Hutchings....this little piggy got married!" And just when I thought she couldn't get any more adorable she continued, "This little piggy goes to college...and this little piggy goes to work! And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home!" I don't know that I've laughed so hard in my life! What an intuitive little 5-year-old that I have!

Then there is my Tanner. One evening when Alan tucked him in for bed, Tanner asked, "Am I your son??" Alan replied an exuberant, "Yes!" Tanner sweetly replied, "I like it." And then he rolled over and fell fast asleep. What a heart melter!!

Camryn is a sweetie all around and lately her favorite phrase is, "You! I love you!" Every time we say thank you she says, "Elcome!" And she ALWAYS says, "Bless you!" every time somebody sneezes.....or coughs! I love her to pieces and enjoy just about everything that comes out of her mouth....even when she says, "No!" Sometimes it is SO cute....I guess the key is to not let HER know that! :)


Julie Barb said...

Love the new look of your blog...cute! Thanks for sharing your cute kid pics and their cute words:)

Renae said...

Oh Melissa, that was sooooo cute! Kylene always seems to have these well thought out comments, very old for her age. Tanner's melted my heart too. Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day. :)