Monday, March 2, 2009

Grocery shopping and cooking dinner

The story of every stay-at-home mom's life, right?? So, you know that lady in Meijer with the disruptive and out-of-control 3-year-old? Ya know, the one who was running up and down the aisles while his tired and distressed mother chased him? Well, I feel the need to write (and rant) about some of the craziness I go through from time to time. Don't get me wrong...I love being a mom and it's what I've always wanted, but motherhood doesn't come without a price. Anyway, I attempted to take my younger two children shopping with me today because Kylene was in school and I thought to myself, "I used to take Kylene and Tanner to the store all the time....I should be able to handle this!" Hmmmmm......I believe my memory failed me and I had forgotten how difficult it is to take a 3 and 1-year-old to the store. I thought I was being so clever. I carefully planned my meals for the week and typed out a grocery list. I even created a grocery list for Tanner using pictures so that he could "help" me shop. Well, the trip started out well enough. Shopping for fruit and vegetables was a breeze.....Camryn kept busy with the sample cookie from the bakery and Tanner helped me fill bags with apples and other assorted fruits. We selected our meat and headed toward the cereal aisle. I turned to glance at Tanner but he wasn't there! I paused, took a deep breath and began scanning the aisles to look for any sign of him. I ended up parking the cart in an "out-of-the-way" location so that I could hunt down my little terror. After using every trick in the book, I discovered I simply could not keep Tanner under control! We ended up in the back of the store and while I was trying to decide between ravioli and tortellini, Tanner took off again.....for probably the 6th or 7th time. (I know, I'm very embarrassed to even admit that!) This time was different, though. The other times, he stayed within my sight and I was able to coax him back to me as I drug him down the next aisle. But I knew this was it.....he was done with this grocery shopping nonsense and we ended up in a full-on chase throughout the ENTIRE grocery section of the store. The muffled laughter from strangers echoed through my ears as I whizzed by with a cart full of groceries, desperately trying to gain control of my son. The desperation in my face must've been quite apparent because a teenager joined me in my quest and helped me tackle my little one. Luckily I had gotten everything I needed and we were able to check out without incident. After we got home and ate some lunch, I settled down for a nice, calming episode of Oprah from my DVR. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

I have to get to bed for now....but unfortunately my day didn't end there! Tune in tomorrow for part two...."cooking dinner."